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According to the Environmental Protection Agency, tractor trailers are wreaking havoc on our environment. Their greenhouse gas emissions are five times as much as other modes of freight transport.


At SWI, we’re conscious of our environmental footprint and are choosing to utilize railroads as an efficient way to move our products. In fact, from 2000 through 2015, U.S. freight railroads consumed 6.9 billion fewer gallons of fuel and emitted 77 million fewer tons of carbon dioxide than they would have if their fuel efficiency had not improved. Because of these changes, Association of American Railroads estimates that on average, a freight train can move 1 ton of freight about 473 miles on just one gallon of fuel. Since 2014, we have doubled our use of freight trains and fully expect that trend to continue as well as the increase in environmental efficiency that comes with using railroads.

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